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February 8th-9th and on February 22nd-23rd, 2018

H2020 sandpits

Hosted at Valentino Castle - 39, Viale Mattioli, Turin, Italy

Politecnico di Torino is project partner of the SHAPE ENERGY and it will organise 2 two-day sandpits in February at Valentino Castle. The main goal of the SHAPE ENERGY sandpits is to bring people who are interested in improving and innovating together.
The events will be aimed at:
- reflecting on current direction and task in individual projects;
- generating concrete ideas for increasing impacts on society;
- experiencing innovative methods of interdisciplinary and cross-sector working within energy and transport projects;
- meeting cross-Europeans collaborators in a stimulating environment and generating future project ideas for progressing energy related topics.
Professor Patrizia Lombardi provides here the latest information on this.

SHAPE ENERGY is the €2m European platform for energy-related social sciences and humanities (energy-SSH). Social sciences and humanities research has played less of a role to date in shaping European energy policy than Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. SHAPE ENERGY aims to develop Europe’s expertise in using and applying energy-SSH. Our innovative Platform bring together those who ‘demand’ energy research – including businesses, policymakers, and NGOs, who can use it to develop practical initiatives – with those who ‘supply’ that research. Read more about SHAPE ENERGY and our Activities.