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Buffa, Alessandra; Mohabat Doost, Danial; Brunetta, Grazia; Voghera, Angioletta (2020)
Integrating Resilience Concept and Urban Morphology. A contradictory merging attempt or a promising combination?. In: URBAN SUBSTRATA & CITY REGENERATION Morphological legacies and design tools, Roma, 19-22 February 2020, pp. 741-755. ISBN: 9788894118889 Download fulltext
Ellena, Marta; Ricciardi, Guglielmo; Barbato, Giuliana; Buffa, Alessandra; Villani, ... (2020)
Past and future hydrogeological risk assessment under climate change conditions over urban settlements and infrastructure systems: the case of a sub-regional area of Piedmont, Italy. In: NATURAL HAZARDS, vol. 102, pp. 275-305. ISSN 1573-0840
Mohabat Doost, Danial; Buffa, Alessandra; Brunetta, Grazia; Salata, Stefano; Mutani, ... (2020)
Mainstreaming Energetic Resilience by Morphological Assessment in Ordinary Land Use Planning. The Case Study of Moncalieri, Turin (Italy). In: SUSTAINABILITY, vol. 12, pp. 1-25. ISSN 2071-1050 Download fulltext
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