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Research Assistant
Adjunct Professor (Department of Architecture and Design)

Most recent publications

Genta, Chiara (2022)
Exploring assessment frameworks and interlinkages analysis for implementing circular economy strategies in European urban contexts. relatore: LOMBARDI, PATRIZIA; SALA, SERENELLA; , 34. XXIV Ciclo, P.: 207
Genta, Chiara; Sanyé-Mengual, Esther; Sala, Serenella; Lombardi, Patrizia (2022)
The Consumption Footprint as possible indicator for environmental impact evaluation at city level. The case study of Turin (Italy). In: SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY, vol. 79. ISSN 2210-6707
Genta, C.; Favaro, S.; Sonetti, G.; Fracastoro, G. V.; Lombardi, P. (2021)
Quantitative assessment of environmental impacts at the urban scale: the ecological footprint of a university campus. In: ENVIRONMENT, DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY, pp. 1-20. ISSN 1387-585X
TORABI MOGHADAM, Sara; Genta, Chiara; Pignatelli, Maurizia; Lombardi, Patrizia (2020)
Supporting sustainable urban planning process based on scenarios development. In: BEYOND 2020 – World Sustainable Built Environment conference, Online, 2-4 NOVEMBER 2020. ISSN 1755-1315
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