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Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Professor (Ateneo)

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Artuso, Mario (2015)
Urban agriculture, food production and city planning in a medium sized city of Turin metropolitan area: a preliminary note which compares geography and local policies. In: Localizing urban food strategies. Farming cities and performing rurality., Torino, 7-9 ottobre 2015, pp. 36-41. ISBN: 9788882020606 Download fulltext
Mario Artuso (2014)
UN-Habitat State of the World’s Cities 2012-2013, prosperity of cities. In: URBAN RESEARCH & PRACTICE, vol. 7, pp. 359-360. ISSN 1753-5069
Tiepolo M.; Braccio S.; Artuso M. (2013)
The contribution of local taxation to the sustainability of the Millennium Development Goal 7c in the regions of Louga (Senegal) and Niamey (Niger). In: III Congress of the Italian University Network for Development Cooperation (CUCS), Turin, 19-21 September 2013, pp. 370-377. ISBN: 9788896894163
Mario Artuso (2011)
State of the world cities 2010/2011, Bridging the Urban Divide. In: URBAN RESEARCH & PRACTICE, vol. 4, pp. 221-223. ISSN 1753-5069
Artuso M. (2010)
"Research and training for cooperation in Subsaharan Africa. The Politecnico di Torino Master Plans et projets pour les villes du Tiers Monde". In: Convegno nazionale CUCS, Pavia, Università, 17-18 giugno 2009, pp. 44-48. ISBN: 9788864930008
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