Teachings (2021/2022) Geography, theory and practice
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For the academic year 2021/2022 I will deliver a module entitled 'Geography, theory and practice', in English, in the Master's Degree in Geography and Territorial Sciences (LM-80).

In the past, I have taught at the Universities of Durham, Sydney, Cambridge, Cardiff, Sheffield, as well as as a visiting Lecturer in doctoral courses of various Italian and European Universities.

PhD supervisions

I currently supervise a number of students internationally, especially at the University of Sheffield, where I am visiting Professor. I am interested in working with new, highly motivated, candidates interested in working with decolonial, feminist, and critical ethnographic approaches to the contemporary urban.

Current students:

– Ms Stephanie Lacey, primary supervisor (USP), with a project on motherhood and homelessness in Manchester
– Ms Sri Suryani, primary supervisor (USP), with a project on environmental displacement and dwelling in Jakarta
– Ms Martyna Piliszewska (1+3), primary supervisor (USP), with a project on homelessness among Eastern European migrants in the UK
– Ms Victorie Okoye, secondary supervisor (Sheffield University), with a thesis on participatory methods, marginality and community building in Accra, Ghana;
– Ms Eirini Glynou-Lefaki, external supervisor (GSSI, Italy), with a project on everyday life and the politics of walking