Last years publications

Lancione, Michele; McFarlane, Colin, a cura di (2021)
Global Urbanism. Knowledge, Power and the City. S.L., Routledge, P. 371 Download fulltext
Lancione, Michele; McFarlane, Colin (2021)
Navigating the global urban. In: Global Urbanism / S.N., S.L., Routledge, pp. 3-13. ISBN: 978-0-429-25959-3
Lancione, Michele (2020)
Activism, research and film-making. In: The Handbook of Displacement / S.N., S.L., Springer Link. ISBN: 978-3-030-47177-4
Lancione, Michele (2020)
Ethics from the underground. In: Thinking Home on the Move: A Conversation across Disciplines / S.N., S.L., Emerald Publishing Limited. ISBN: 978-1-83909-723-2
Lancione, Michele (2020)
Abitare una liberazione (versione estesa). In: Senza Metropoliz non è la mia città / S.N., S.L., Bordeaux
Lancione, Michele (2020)
L'autre: in dialogo con Michele Lancione. In: Exploring Identities. Perspectives from a cross-disciplinary dialogue / S.N., S.L., Quolibet
Lancione, Michele (2020)
Bucarest: citta' sotterranea. In: Atlante delle citta'. Nove (ri)tratti urbani per un viaggio planetario. / S.N., S.L., Feltrinelli, pp. 121-136
Lancione, M. (2020)
Underground inscriptions. In: CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, vol. 35, pp. 31-39. ISSN 0886-7356 Download fulltext
Governa, Francesca; Lancione, Michele; Amin, Ash; Thrift, Nigel (2020)
Vedere come una città. Milano, Mimesis, P. 168. ISBN: 978-88-5756-143-1
Governa, F.; Lancione, M. (2020)
Introduzione. In: Vedere come una città / Amin A., Thrift N., Italia, Mimesis, pp. 9-16. ISBN: 978-88-5756-143-1
Lancione, M. (2020)
Radical housing: on the politics of dwelling as difference. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HOUSING POLICY, vol. 20, pp. 273-289. ISSN 1949-1247
Gibbons, A.; Richter, A.; Vradis, A.; Madden, D.; Humphry, D.; Arrigoitia, M. F.; ... (2020)
For the City yet to come. In: CITY, vol. 24, pp. 1-4. ISSN 1360-4813 Download fulltext
RHJ Editorial, Collective; Lancione, Michele (2020)
Covid-19 and housing struggles: The (re)makings of austerity, disaster capitalism, and the no return to normal. In: RADICAL HOUSING JOURNAL, vol. 2, pp. 09-28. ISSN 2632-2870 Download fulltext
Reyes, Alejandra; Vilenica, Ana; Bowman, Claire; Eden, Elana; McElroy, Erin; Lancione, ... (2020)
Housing struggle before and after the pandemic. In: RADICAL HOUSING JOURNAL, vol. 2. ISSN 2632-2870 Download fulltext
Lancione, Michele; Simone, AbdouMaliq (2020)
Bio-austerity and Solidarity in the Covid-19 Space of Emergency. Download fulltext
Lancione, Michele (2019)
Oltre il profilo: per una etnografia urbana del molteplice e del politico. In: QUADERNI DI SOCIOLOGIA, vol. 81, pp. 111-119. ISSN 0033-4952 Download fulltext
McElroy, Erin; Ferreri, Mara; Arrigoitia, Melissa Fernández; García-Lamarca, Melissa; ... (2019)
Introducing the Radical Housing Journal. In: RADICAL HOUSING JOURNAL, vol. 1. ISSN 2632-2870 Download fulltext
Lancione, Michele (2019)
Pathways to the Machinic Subject. In: Why Guattari? A Liberation of Cartographies, Ecologies and Politics / S.N., S.L., Routledge
Ballin, Emily; Lancione, Michele (2019)
Waking up to homelessness. In: PRIMARY GEOGRAPHY. ISSN 2046-0082
Visan, Nicoleta; Fcdl, ; Lancione, Michele, a cura di (2019)
Jurnalul din Vulturilor 50. Povestea unei lupte pentru dreptate locativa. S.L., IDEA, P. 150 Download fulltext
Lancione, M. (2019)
Weird Exoskeletons: Propositional Politics and the Making of Home in Underground Bucharest. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF URBAN AND REGIONAL RESEARCH, vol. 43, pp. 535-550. ISSN 0309-1317
Lancione, M. (2019)
The politics of embodied urban precarity: Roma people and the fight for housing in Bucharest, Romania. In: GEOFORUM, vol. 101, pp. 182-191. ISSN 0016-7185
Lancione, M. (2019)
Caring for the endurance of a collective struggle. In: DIALOGUES IN HUMAN GEOGRAPHY, vol. 9, pp. 216-219. ISSN 2043-8206
Lancione, Michele (2019)
Getting Rid of Home. In: Homelessness in 2030. Essays on possible futures / S.N., S.L., Y-Foundation Download fulltext
Lancione, Michele (2019)
Review of AbdouMaliq Simone and Edgar Pieterse 2017: "New Urban Worlds: Inhabiting Dissonant Times" Cambridge: Polity Press. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF URBAN AND REGIONAL RESEARCH, vol. 43, pp. 199-200. ISSN 0309-1317
Lancione, Michele (2019)
Placing urban difference. In: Governing the Plural City / S.N., S.L., British Academy
Lancione, Michele; Mcelroy, Erin; Fernandez-Arrigoitia, Melissa; Ferreri, Mara; Garcia ... (2019)
Editorial: Introducing the Radical Housing Journal. In: RADICAL HOUSING JOURNAL. ISSN 2632-2870 Download fulltext
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Other research projects

Inhabiting Radical Housing (ERC Starting Grant)
1st Sept 2020 -- 30 Aug 2025 (60 months)

Millions of people are forcibly evicted from their homes every year. What is more, 1.6 billion have inadequate housing. In response to the increasing housing precarity worldwide, grassroots housing movements are becoming more and more common. However, little is understood about the significance of their organising globally and in a comparative fashion. How are housing struggles reshaping our cities across geographies? The EU-funded RadicalHOUSING project aims to fill these critical gaps in knowledge. It will achieve this through an innovative radical housing approach and pioneering research on translocal networks and housing struggles in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. The project will lead to a better understanding of the global fight against housing precarity and its urban politics.

Team: Michele Lancione (PI) and [forthcoming]
Host Institution: Polytechnic of Turin (from 1/4/21; originally, University of Sheffield)
Founder: European Research Council

Past research projects (selected)

(2019) Antipode International Workshop Awards, with the Radical Housing Journal (Co-I)
(2018) Antipode Scholar-Activist award, with FCDL (PI)
(2015) Foreign Researchers Scholarship Award, Romanian Cultural Institute (PI)
(2013-2016) Urban Studies Foundation Research Fellowship (PI)
(2011-2013) UTS Chancellor’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PI)

Keynotes at international conferences

“On Lessness: Recentering the politics of home”, keynote al 7th EUGEO Congress, con il 51st Conference of Irish Geographers, Dublin, Maggio 2019

“Radical Housing: On the politics of dwelling as difference”, keynote al 2019 UK Housing Studies Association Conference, Sheffield, April 2019

“Minor ethnographies and the activist mode of existence”, keynote all'evento Politicising Public Health: A Workshop for Early Career Ethnographers, LSHTM, London, October 2018

“Beyond homelessness study”, keynote alla conferenza dello European Observatory on Homelessness in Barcelona, September 2017

“The Adaptation of Housing First” keynote alla conferenza X Stratagemma. La prevenzione nella scuola e nella comunità: rigenerare la qualità della vita, Padova, 25 June 2015