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Deadline Call for Paper 31.01.2021

Online UNISCAPE LANDSCAPE ATELIER. Cultivating Innovative Visions

KM0 Displaying Perceptions of Quarantine Landscape
16 FEBRUARY 2021 | 16.00 CET | ZOOM

Worldwide, the Coronavirus pandemic has transfigured territories, often revealing the unusual nature of our cities, suburbs and small towns. On the one hand, the spectrality of the great historical centers uninhabited and without tourists; on the other hand, the peripheries reanimated by the smart working and the reclaiming of open spaces and, finally, the small towns which have shown the limits and opportunities of their marginal condition. If the city showed a certain vitality guaranteed by the inhabitants, public spaces and inadequate housing were central to the debate. Furthermore, in small towns, the habit to proximity and the dilated spaces seemed to have, somehow, better responded to the demands of the lockdown.

The limitation of movements makes the life and space at Km 0.

In this scenario, many people have felt the spontaneous need to document the change and the progressive evolution of the landscape according to their own view. The inhabitants at the window, the photographers in the streets, the artists in their ateliers, have produced material made up of photos, videos, representations and suggestions, describing the quarantine landscape. The Atelier consists of two sessions: the first will present the results of this call through a critical reading, in dialogue with some of the participants; the second will be a round table between experts in the landscape disciplines of the UNISCAPE network in order to identify some recurrences and conflicts of the new "quarantine landscapes" altered, perhaps irreversibly, by the pandemic and to indicate some perspectives for the uses and representations of the contemporary and future landscapes.

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