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Alternative Housing Models

h. 10:00 - 13:00 /14:30-17:30 | Sala Mollino, Castello del Valentino, Torino

FULL the Future Urban Legacy Lab is pleased to invite you to the new International Lecture Series Alternative Housing Models

Housing lexicon. From the right to housing to community and cooperative housing.
Speakers: Gaia Caramellino Dastu Polimi, Darinka Czischke TU Delft

h. 14.30-17.30
The new housing question. Starting points for new radical approaches.
Keynote: Raquel Rolnik Universidad de Sao Paulo
Speakers: Michele Lancione Beyond Inhabitation Lab Dist Polito, Laura Colini Tesserae e Urbact

The lectures series is organized by Silvia Cafora, Matteo Robiglio

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International Lecture Series Alternative Housing Models organized by FULL the Future Urban Legacy Lab

4 Seminars_ From May 20th to June 27th
At Castello del Valentino, Sala Mollino

Future cities require resilient, inclusive and affordable housing, but, at present, the housing system, in Europe as in Italy, is in crisis. The housing question is an issue that has never found an ultimate solution and challenges posed by societal changes such as aging, social inequality, household fragmentation are today exacerbated by financialization and the inability to scale innovative solutions. Looking for answers, communities are emerging in Europe as a key ingredient in the production of new living concepts in the housing system, also triggering and involving the public actor and the market in a learning system. Many comparative housing researches are conducted in order to answer pressing questions for the future of urban living, including how do we want to live together, what is the role of housing alternatives. The seminar aims to give an overview of the current international debate and emerging living concepts and to trigger a comparative and interdisciplinary debate on housing.

Invited lecturers:
Raquel Rolnik_Universidad de Sao Paulo, Gaia Caramellino_Dastu Polimi/Dasp Polito, Laura Colini_URBACT, Darinka Czischke_TU Delft, Michele Lancione_Dist Polito, Josè Maria Montaner_ETSA Barcelona, Carles Baiges_Lacol, Susan Schindler_ETH Zurich, Philipp Klaus_Kraftwerk, Radical Housing Journal, Ilka Ruby_Ruby Press.

The lectures series is organized by Silvia Cafora, Matteo Robiglio.