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Ricercatore Confermato
Professore Aggregato a.a. 2022/2023

Membro Centro Interdipartimentale (R3C - Responsible Risk Resilience Centre)

+39 0110907448 / 7448 (DIST)

Dr. Alessandro Pezzoli has a Master Degree in Civil Engineering – Hydraulic Option (Politenico di Torino - Italy) and a PhD in Meteorology and Oceanography (Université de Toulon - France). He is Senior Lecturer (Adjunct Professor) in Weather Risk Management for the MBA in Environmental Economics and in Meteo-Hydrology Risk Assessment for the MSc in Geography and Regional Development of the University of Turin. He has a large expertise in Applied Meteorology and Applied Climatology considering its research about the analysis of the adaptation’s strategies to natural hazards generated by the extreme weather situations. He participated in different research’s programs among which it remembers the “Rede Litoral Project” (Analysis of the Climate Change effect in the Sao Paolo area and Santos coastal zone - Brazil), “Prometeo Project” (analysis of the Climate Change effect in the urban area of Guayaquil – Ecuador), COOPI-Chaco Paraguayan (analysis of the Climate Change effect on the drought’s patterns in the Chaco Paraguayan – Paraguay), UniCoo – Etiopia (analysis of the gender effect on the water’s use in the Ethiopia face to Climate Change effect), Anadia 2 in Niger (analysis of the flood security related to food security around Sirba river) and One Health in Kenya. He is Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation (AFRIN), Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society (FRMetS), and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS).

Settore scientifico discliplinare GEO/12 - OCEANOGRAFIA E FISICA DELL'ATMOSFERA
(Area 0004 - Scienze della terra)
Identificativi ORCID: 0000-0001-6729-2579
Linee di ricerca Human Bio-Climatology and Bio-Meteorology (R.U.HBioMet): analysis of the impact of Climate Change on Human Health and Tourism

Settori ERC

PE10_3 - Climatology and climate change PE10_2 - Meteorology, atmospheric physics and dynamics PE10_8 - Oceanography (physical, chemical, biological, geological) PE10_13 - Physical geography


Goal 13: Climate action Goal 14: Life below water Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Parole chiave libere

Applied meteorology Bioclimatology Biometeorology Climate change
Responsabilità scientifiche e altri incarichi

Partecipazioni scientifiche

  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - Royal Meteorological Society, Regno Unito (2018-)
    Fellow of Royal Meteorological Society (FRMetS)
  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - Royal Geographical Society, Regno Unito (2014-)
    Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)
  • Fellow (riconoscimento scientifico) - Royal Institute of Navigation, Regno Unito (2002-)
    Associate Fellow of Royal Institute of Navigation (AFRIN)

Comitati editoriali

  • CLIMATE (2013-), Direttore di rivista, collana editoriale, enciclopedia


  • 2013 Hydrology, Ocean and Atmosphere Conference (HAOC2013), Program chair (presidente/responsabile del comitato scientifico)

Altri incarichi di ricerca o didattica esterni

  • Professore a contratto presso Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (1/6/2015-30/6/2016)
  • Ricercatore presso Universidade de São Paulo, USP (15/5/2011-1/5/2014)

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