Pubblicazioni più recenti

Soccali, Giuditta (In stampa)
"Sacredness and Power: Urban Identity and Heritage Making from Varanasi to Unesco". In: RC21 Annual Conference "In and Beyond the City: Emerging Ontologies, Persistent Challenges and Hopeful Futures", New Delhi, India, 18-21 Sept 2019
Soccali, Giuditta; Cinà, Giuseppe (2020)
Heritage Policies in the Neoliberal Arena: Spaces of Exclusion and Gentrification in Urban World Heritage Sites. In: THE HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT, pp. 1-25. ISSN 1756-7505
Demiroz, Merve; Soccali, Giuditta (2019)
Historic Cities in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A Multi-Disciplinary ICOMOS Conference. In: ATTI E RASSEGNA TECNICA, vol. LXXIII, pp. 127-129. ISSN 0004-7287 Download fulltext
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