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LUPI, LUCIA; Antonini, Alessio; De Liddo, Anna; Motta, Enrico (2020)
Actionable Open data: Connecting City Data to Local Actions. In: THE JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY INFORMATICS, vol. 16. ISSN 1712-4441
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Understanding the phenomenology of reading through modelling. In: SEMANTIC WEB, vol. Special Issue on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage. ISSN 1570-0844
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FirstLife. A geo-social network to support participation in urban design. Download fulltext
Lucia, Lupi; Alessio, Antonini; Guido, Boella; Claudio, Schifanella (2017)
We-planning: participatory process to develop a digital platform for a collaborative governance of city services. Download fulltext
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Topology-aware indexing system for Urban Knowledge. Download fulltext
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