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Buzzacchi, Luigi; Leveque, Philippe; Taramino, Roberta; Zotteri, Giulio (In stampa)
Using betweenness metrics to investigate the geographical distribution of retailers. In: ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING. B, URBAN ANALYTICS AND CITY SCIENCE. ISSN 2399-8083
Taramino, Roberta (2022)
Consumers, city networks and commercial patterns. relatore: BUZZACCHI, LUIGI; ZOTTERI, GIULIO; , 33. XXIII Ciclo, P.: 101
Robiglio, Matteo; Taramino, Roberta; Vigliocco, Elena; Zotteri, Giulio (2020)
Overtourism or undertourism: what is the biggest crisis for a tourist destination? / The case study of Borgo Castello in Venaria, Italy. In: Proceed with care / living with tourism, Sibenik, 02-05 maggio 2019, pp. 109-120. ISBN: 978-953-48533-2-0
Taramino, Roberta; Robiglio, Matteo; Vigliocco, Elena; Zotteri, Giulio (2019)
Overtourism or Undertourism. What is the biggest crisis for a tourist destination?. In: Proceed With Care / Living With Tourism - Exploring and overcoming the challenges and threats of the emerging conflict between overtourism and the safeguarding of heritage cities, monuments and landscapes, Zagreb, 02-05 maggio 2019, pp. 84-85. ISBN: 978-953-48533-1-3
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