Pubblicazioni più recenti

Mutani, Guglielmina; Beltramino, Simone; Schiavone, Matteopaolo (2021)
Place-based Atlas for Energy Communities using Energy Performance Certificates Database. In: 3rd International IEEE Conference AND workshop in Óbuda on Electrical and Power Engineering, Budapest, November 18-19, 2020, pp. 179-184 Download fulltext
Mutani, Guglielmina; Todeschi, Valeria; Beltramino, Simone (2020)
Energy Consumption Models at Urban Scale to Measure Energy Resilience. In: SUSTAINABILITY, vol. 12, pp. 1-31. ISSN 2071-1050 Download fulltext
Mutani, Guglielmina; Beltramino, Simone; Forte, Anna (2020)
A Clean Energy Atlas for Energy Communities in Piedmont Region (Italy). In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DESIGN & NATURE AND ECODYNAMICS, vol. 15, pp. 343-353. ISSN 1755-7437 Download fulltext
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