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21 February 2019

Landscape Planning in the Era of Population and Economic Shrinkage

Tokyo City Lab

Landscape Planning in the Era of Population and Economic Shrinkage. Reflections from Italy

Lecture by Claudia Cassatella (Politecnico di Torino)

Panel Discussion: Akito Murayama (Chair), Akiko Iida, Kaoru Matsuo, Takahiro Yamazaki (The University of Tokyo)

Population shrinkage started in 2010 in Japan, in 2015 in Italy. These conditions reframe objectives and modalities of spatial planning. A shift from growth and development to qualitative factors and regeneration of existing settlements is the obvious consequence. Within urban areas, population and economic shrinkage has some direct effects on the production and the management of urban greenery. On one hand, the provision of public facilities is being remodelled. On the other hand, a variety of new governance approaches and creative practices emerge.
The conference is organized by The Tokyo University in the framework of the Joint project Implementing the United Nations’ New Urban Agenda. Universities in Action (UNI-NUA).