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Rehabilitation of traditional heritage and local development 4.0

h. 02:30 - 05:30 | Sala Vigliano, Castello del Valentino (Torino) and Zoom platform

In relatively marginal and isolated settings, changes in socio-cultural patterns and population reduction have contributed to the decay, abandonment and gradual disappearance of traditional ways of living and vernacular heritage. Local associations and foundations often play a key mediating and facilitating role in countering these phenomena, supporting the survival of local communities and tangible and intangible expressions of heritage. The use of traditional knowledge as a human development asset, through technically and culturally appropriate rehabilitation, and the adoption of a holistic approach to the living heritage and landscape, can create opportunities for self-sustainable local development of such marginal areas.

Some international entities, admirable in their work and somewhat comparable to each other, have been called in the RTHLD seminar series to share their experience, generating an opportunity for debate and exchange.

On Thursday 29 September, will be presented the work of Boulouki (Greece) and of GO2Albania NGO.

On Friday 30 September, a cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary reading of the RTHLD network will be presented. A round table discussion will follow.

Sala Vigliano, Castello del Valentino (Torino) and zoom platform at this link