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Cultivating Continuity of the European Landscape, one year after


UNISCAPE, the European Network of Universities dedicated to landscape studies and education according to the principles of the European Landscape Convention (Florence, 2000) launches the International Conference "Cultivating Continuity of the European Landscape, one year after".
Politecnico di Torino and University of Florence, Founding members, jointly organize the RoundTable "Landscape Policy and Governance".

Cultivating can be essentially defined as the action of caring for a specific place over time. The process of cultivation (both real and metaphorical) necessarily implies a vision of the future and thus contains the seeds of a strategic and project dimension spurring us to consciously act on taking care of our landscapes through protection, management and planning.
One year after the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the European Landscape Convention in Florence, UNISCAPE is coming back to the historic living garden of Villa Bardini to cultivate landscape practices, policies and poetics during two days of shared interdisciplinary work.