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Architecture of Ecocide: France’s toxic waste in the Sahara - SAMIA HENNI

ore 14.30 | Online

Lifelines Lecture 2022

Lifelines is a DIST - POLITO funded research project that aims to observe different forms of infrastructures and their system of spaces and relations that guarantee a decent standard of livability. It moves away from a conceptualization of infrastructures as machines of transmission and supply, to one intended as a support of living focusing on the role of territories in structuring asymmetric relations of vulnerability and privilege.

In this occasion Lifeline will host Dr. Samia Henni, Albert Hirschman Chair (2021-22) at the Institute for Advanced Study in Marseille, and an Assistant Professor of History of Architecture and Urbanism at the Department of Architecture, Cornell University with a lecture titled “Architecture of Ecocide: France’s toxic waste in the Sahara”.

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