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Open Source Dissemination and Radical Publishing

h. 16:00 | Aula Astengo - DIST and Online


Most academic journals are owned by commercial publishing houses and organized according to journal rankings and impactfactors. In this way, publicly funded research stays locked behind paywalls and within university libraries.

The Radical Housing Journalis among journals that stubbornly follows the principle of radical open access in always changing academic landscape.
It was foundedin 2016 as a transdisciplinary and transnational open-access platform for conceptualising housing experiences, geographies andpolitics as a fundamentally political question, inseparable from everyday practices of inhabiting space and challenging the forces thatmake the world unhomely and uninhabitable. Since then, the journal has published six peer-reviewed issues with a seventh on theway, bringing together scholars and activists across the globe and promoting a distinctive approach to geographies of housing andurban dwelling, based on situated and action-orientated ethos.

In this seminar, we want to raise questions about radical publishingand open source dissemination and how these practices make possible radical forms of thinking about housing geographies,housing struggles and dwelling worldwide. We want to reflect on what does it mean when a journal is run by a collective notassociated with any institution or publishing company. And to explore promises and challenges of self-organising for radicalpublishing and radical knowledge production including what is radical in all of this.


Michele Lancione
is a Professor of Economic and Political Geography at DiST in Turin and Visiting Professor of Urban Studies at theUrban Institute, Sheffield. He is also a co-founder and Editor of the Radical Housing Journal and Corresponding Editor at IJURR. AtDIST, he runs a 5-year Inhabitaing Radical Housing ERC-funded project.

Ana Vilenica
is an urban researcher and housing activist. She is an editor of the Radica Housing Journal and editor for Central andEast Europe at Interface Journal for and about Social Movements.

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