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The DIST associate member of UNISCAPE, the European Network of Universities for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention, referent of the Polytechnic and DIST Prof. Claudia Cassatella, Uniscape Board of Directors, reports the UNISCAPE’s forum for the FAIRER EUROPEAN LANDSCAPE

The UNISCAPE’s forum aims at bringing together students, teachers, researchers and academics, the multitude of different voices that passionately nourish landscape protection, management and planning within the wide and diverse community of European universities. After 14 years from its establishment Uniscape organises the first UNIVERSITY FORUM to openly and informally share experiences, perspectives and future challenges by addressing landscape education, research and practice.

The forum objective is to create a privileged ‘Landscape momentum’ to demonstrate the potential of Landscape to address the most complex NEB challenges by tackling critical considerations and recommendations coming from the UNISCAPE community of universities as well as by focusing on future programs by EU to establish a common vision and commitments for turning ‘Landscape based thinking’ into actions and solutions for more beautiful, inclusive, and sustainable future of the European space.

Registration to the live events in Brussels is free

The Forum is a SIDE EVENT of the Festival of the NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS organised by the European Commission in Bruxelles from 9 to 12 June