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Ronci, Manuela (2022)
Al Fay Park. In: TOPSCAPE PAYSAGE, vol. 49, pp. 76-81. ISSN 2279-7610
Ronci, Manuela (2022)
Multiscale approach to biodiversity conservation: Chicago as a case study. In: ECLAS Conference ‘Scales of Change’, Ljubljana, 12---14-09-2022, pp. 52-52. ISBN: 978-961-6379-65-6
Ronci, Manuela (2022)
Broadening the concept of ‘urban forest’ to address climate change through biodiversity conservation: (in Amsterdam) it’s more than just planting trees. In: Urban forests, forest urbanisms & global warming: developing cooler, greener & more resilient cities., Leuven (Belgium), 27-06-22 | 28-06-2022 | 29-06-2022, pp. 20-21. ISBN: 978-9-46444-723-1
Ronci, Manuela (2022)
First guide to nature inclusive design. In: TOPSCAPE PAYSAGE, vol. 47, pp. 211-211. ISSN 2279-7610
Ronci, Manuela (2021)
Urban ecosystems: challenges and new perspectives for landscape architecture. In: ECLAS conference 2021, Uppsala (SV) - online, 13-15/09/2021, pp. 58-59. ISBN: 978-91-85735-99-0
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