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‘Othering’ and ‘Difference’: notes on spatial and research practices - Catalina Mejia Moreno

h. 14.30-17.00 | Webinar Zoom

The seminar "‘Othering’ and ‘Difference’: notes on spatial and research practices" is edited by Catalina Mejia Moreno, University of Sheffield.

The seminars series
is part of the Urban and Regional Development PhD program but is open to everyone who wish to attend and contribute. The aim of the seminars is to initiate a collective transdisciplinary reflection and suggest a research agenda for the future of decolonial urbanism.


11.11.20 | 9:00-12.00 AM (GMT +2)
The Decolonial Thought. The necessity for a research agenda
Antonio di Campli, Camillo Boano | Politecnico di Torino, DIST

27.11.20 | 9:00-11.30 AM (GMT +2)
Strumenti per la creazione di uno spazio decoloniale
Rachele Borghi | Sorbonne Université, UFR Géographie et aménagement

27.11.20 | 14.30-17.00 PM (GMT +2)
‘Othering’ and ‘Difference’: notes on spatial and research practices
Catalina Mejia Moreno | University of Sheffield

04.12.20 | 9:00-12.30 AM (GMT +2)
Razza, razzismo, razzializzazione: morfologie, connessioni, differenze
Miguel Mellino | Università di Napoli “L'Orientale"

09.12.20 | 9:00-12.30 AM (GMT +2)
Sentipensar: Decolonising Urban Studies through Latin-American thinkers?
Catalina Ortiz Arciniegas | University College London

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