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Deadline Call for Paper 19.04.2021

ROUNDTRIP II: From the Alps to the Andes. Le Corbusier and the members of the Latin American Modern Movement

Online lecture series by:
ex-momo | exchanges of Modern Movement, May – December 2021

Federica Ciarcià, FAU- UB, Visiting Professor Politecnico di Torino

Scientific committee:
Andrea Canziani, Docomomo International
Giovanna D’Amia, Politecnico di Milano
Reina Loredo, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro
Fernando Martínez Nespral, DAR | FADU- UBA
Stella Maris Casal, FAU-UB
Guido Montanari, Politecnico di Torino
Gaia Piccarolo, Lotus International
Florencia Rodriguez, Lots of Architecture - publishers
Inés Zalduendo, GSD Harvard

Call for Contributions:
For all communication with the organization and the submission of abstracts and final papers, please use this email address:


  • March 15 Call for Abstracts
  • April 19 Deadline for Abstracts
  • April 30 Notification of acceptance/non-acceptance
  • May 28 Conference
  • June 30 Submission of Draft papers
  • August 3 Return of Edited Papers
  • October 30 Deadline for submitting final texts for publication
  • December 2021 Publication of Papers

Six sessions on a monthly basis, presented by international researchers reflecting on some of the protagonists of the Latin American Modern Movement who have developed urban projects for the continent, contributing to the debate on the contemporary urban landscape.
After the first lecture series (October-December 2020), "Roundtrip: From the Seine to the Rio de La Plata" (see more on YouTube Channel ex-momo) on the relationship between Le Corbusier and Argentina starting from the journey of 1929, in this second cycle will deepen the role of the protagonists of the Latin American Modern Movement through the architects - from Berta Zegarra Russo to German Semper, from Luz Amorocho to Lucio Costa - who developed an educational and professional relationship between the two continents.
The aim of these meetings is to reflect on urban projects, whether completed or not, the result of the exchanges of shared modernity between Europe and Latin America. Among the topics: the role of correspondence exchanges / the contribution of women architects / the realization of the urban proposals of the Modern Movement / preservation and enhancement of the heritage resulting from these exchanges.

Opening lecture
Latin America builds: new urban vision

Giovanna Borasi, Canadian Centre for Architecture
Mario Cerasoli, Università degli Studi di Roma Tre
Barbara Costantinidis, FAU, Universidad de Belgrano
Luca Montuori, Assessorato all’Urbanistica di Roma Capitale
Olimpia Niglio, Eda Esempi di Architettura
Florencia Rodriguez, Lots of Architecture - publishers

hosted by Federica Ciarcià and Fernando Martinez Nespral