LARTU - Laboratory of Territorial and Urban Research

This laboratory supports research on  urban and territorial analysis, planning and evaluation of environmental impact and on  the use of GIS. Furthermore, it plays an active role in Department’s contracts and conventions. It has cartographic material and statistic documentation  both on paper and magnetic support along with data processing instruments, including  some instruments to process cartographic data.

LARTU supports graduation and doctorate  thesis;  students final work  of the II level master’s degree in Techniques for Environmental Projects and Evaluations and of master’s degree in  Plans and projects for cities in Developing Countries, .

Students are allowed  to borrow and consult IGM cartography, technical cartography of Piedmont Region, Turin City Council and PRGC of Turin, both on paper and magnetic support. Furthermore LARTU provides students with a computer-aided publishing service for the publishing of “Studi e Ricerche” and “Sviluppo Locale” departmental magazines.

Type Research laboratory
Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning
Politecnico ed Università di Torino
Viale Mattioli, 39
10125 Torino - Italia
Phone + 39 011 0907464
Fax + 39 011 0907451
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Classroom with 10 personal computers and GIS software