• LARTU, Laboratory of Territorial and Urban Research
  • LSBC,  History and Cultural Heritage Laboratory  
  • LABFLUX, Porous Media Moisture And Environmental Water Fluxes Evaluation Laboratory
  • S3+LAB, Urban Sustainability and Security Laboratory for Social Challenges
  • SDG11Lab, is a laboratory opened thanks to the DIST Excellence Project. It aims at designing and implementing a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) capable of guaranteeing efficient access to reference data sources of general interest (e.g., satellite and aircraft acquisitions, cartographic data, etc.) and to integrate them with specific thematic data. This will enable the possibility of providing analysis, representation, and visualization tools capable of responding to the needs of the department, in the education, research and third mission domains.
  • ITHACA (Information Technology for Humanitarian Assistance, Cooperation and Action)